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Royals Sign Grienke

The Royals and Zack Greinke have agreed to a four year extension worth 38 million dollars. Greinke, who went 13-10 with a 3.47 ERA in 32 starts last year, has had an interesting career. He was the number 6 overall pick in 2002, but left Spring Training abruptly in 2006 thinking he was through with baseball. He returned in 2007 after seeking treatment and has been solid ever since. "They could've easily pushed me aside, or helped me get back and then dump me off as soon as they could get something for me," Greinke said. "But they did everything they could, bent over backwards to help me."

This makes Royals management look very good, and could be draw for players looking for team who likes to have close contact with their players.

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