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Sheets' Dilemma

Despite having a formal meeting with Ben Sheets, the Rangers interest in him appears to be waning. The Rangers would like more information on his torn flexor tendon, which bothered him towards the end of the season. Sheets will definitely need to be eased into a heavy work load, much slower than most pitchers knowing his history. With the Rangers pitchers on an experimental pitching program, it might not be worth it for the Rangers to sign him, even if pitching coach Mike Maddux is familiar with him.

The Cubs, Mets, Dodgers, and Phillies all had interest in Sheets, but the Cubs are pursuing other pitchers, the Mets are talking with Oliver Perez, the Dodgers are talking with Randy Wolf, and the Phillies are content with their current rotation. It looks like Sheets is going to have to take a backloaded one year deal to prove that he is healthy.

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