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White Sox Discussing Roberts?

MASN Sports is reporting that the White Sox and Orioles are discussing a trade that would send Brian Roberts to the White Sox for Gavin Floyd. Floyd, who went 17-8 with a 3.84 ERA in thirty-three starts for the White Sox, has the makings of a top of the rotation starter. His numbers did fluctuate some towards the end of the season, but nothing that raised a red flag. The Orioles are obviously struggling to lock up Brian Roberts, so a trading him for something they desperately need would help them in the long run. Not only that, but the Orioles might be able to land one of their second baseman, considering the White Sox have a surplus of them now.

Roberts hit .296 with 9 HR in 155 games and scored 107 runs. Acquiring Roberts and making him their leadoff hitter would make them a force in the division, but it would hurt their pitching. Buehrle and Danks would man the top two spots, but they do not have much support beyond that. Lance Broadway is a question mark, but he was solid in his lone start this past season. There are pitchers available on the market for the White Sox to sign, but Roberts will make eight million next season, and it might not be in their budget. It's a tough decision for the White Sox.

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