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Would Cardinals Sign Manny?

Albert Pujols would like the Cardinals to make a run at free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez, according to Although the Cardinals have been limited to very little spending this offseason, GM John Mozeliak might be able to convince ownership to consider opening their wallets, assuming the price is right. One reason the Cardinals might do this is to keep Pujols happy, who will be a free agent in a couple of seasons. Pujols and Ramirez in the 3-4 spots would make for a deadly lineup, and it would likely boost the whole teams numbers.

At this point, Ramirez isn't ready to back off his demands for a multiyear deal, which still appears extremely unlikely. As for the Cardinals making a play, they might consider Dunn or Abreu, but I doubt they pursue Ramirez.

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