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Mailbag: A-Rod, AL Central, Lincecum

Q: I really wasn't that surprised to hear A-Rod did steroids. I watched him in Seattle and after he left for Texas, he blew up. Do you think the journalists will ever vote him in to the HOF?

Rob M. - Seattle, Washington.

ELI: I think a lot depends on how the fans treat A-Rod and how accommodating A-Rod is to the reporters. If he is willing to answer all the questions and have a successful season, he could be on his way. After following what just transpired, including his first interview with Katie Couric, I would not vote him in.

Q: The AL Central is a very competitive division. I feel like this year, every team has a chance to win. Who do you think is going to win the division?

John R. - St. Louis, Missouri

ELI: Yes, the AL Central is going to be a very competitive division. However, I don't really see any teams being well above .500. If Francisco Liriano can stay healthy, the Twins could be a force in the Central. But at this point, my money is on the Indians.

Q: I read the other day that the Giants do not have any plans to sign Tim Linecum just yet. Does this mean that they may look to trade him for a power hitter or maybe a bunch of prospects?

Charlie F. - San Francisco, California

ELI: I don't think it means the Giants will trade him, but rather waiting to see how he does in 2009. He is just 24 years old and the Giants have him under their control until 2013. Lincecum would likely command 15-17 million dollars if he repeats his numbers in 2009, something the Giants might not be able to afford just yet.

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