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Phillies Likely To Add Lefty

The Phillies will likely add one of the three top remaining lefty relievers: Will Ohman, Joe Beimel, or Dennys Reyes. With J.C. Romero out for the first 50 games of the season, the Phillies would like to have a late inning lefty, along with Scott Eyre, to give the bullpen some rest early on in the season. Ohman pitched for the Braves last season, so he is fairly familiar with the division, but is holding out for 2-3 million dollars. Sources with knowledge of negotiations have informed me that offers for Ohman are around the 1 million dollar range.

Reyes is drawing interest from the Athletics and Padres, but no serious progress was made over the weekend. As for Beimel, he backed out of negotiations with the Rockies and the Tigers added Brandon Lyon, so he may be out of luck. The Phillies have just 29 pitchers in camp this year, but may want to bring in a few more because Spring Training is longer this year and teams have less players with the WBC going on.

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