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Phillies Release Eaton

The Phillies have released pitcher Adam Eaton, is reporting. Eaton, who signed a three year deal worth 24.5 million dollars prior to the 2007 season, will make 8.5 million dollars this season. The Phillies decided to release Eaton because he was not a serious candidate for the fifth starter spot, not to mention his struggles at the Triple-A level. "Based on where we are with our pitching staff and the fact that we feel comfortable with our depth, we wanted to give Adam every opportunity to pitch with another club, rather than wait until later in the spring when it gets more difficult," Senior Vice President & General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement.

Eaton is 68-83 with a 4.80 ERA in 197 games. He was 4-8 with a 5.80 ERA in 19 games last season with the Phillies.

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