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A's, Cabrera Agree To Deal

The Athletics and shortstop Orlando Cabrera have agreed to a one year deal worth 4 million dollars. Cabrera, assuming he passes a physical, will join the A's by the end of the week. Cabrera sat around all offseason waiting for an offer that never came. Most teams shied away from Cabrera because he would have cost them a first round draft pick. Cabrera is a Type-A free agent, so the A's will forfeit a second round pick in June's MLB Draft.

Cabrera is an all around solid player who will make the Athletics a lot stronger. With Giambi, Holliday, Ellis, Cabrera, and several young outfielders behind some young promising pitchers, the A's could be in the hunt for a playoff spot. Cabrera hit .281 with 8 HR and 19 SB in 161 games for the White Sox last season, but is a .226 career hitter in Oakland in 137 at-bats.

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