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Dodgers 'Curious' About Martinez

Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti told the LA Times that the Dodgers are "curious" about free agent right hander Pedro Martinez. "He's somebody we're curious about," Colletti told the Times. "We know how great he has been, and we know how popular he is in Los Angeles. Sources say that the Dodgers are on Martinez's list, but he is looking for a John Smoltz-like deal. Martinez, 37, pitched six scoreless innings for the D.R. striking out six.

Martinez, a three time Cy Young Award winner, would really loosen up the Dodgers clubhouse. Jeff Kent was reportedly upset with how the clubhouse was run in his final seasons, but Martinez with Ramirez would make for a very interesting clubhouse atmosphere. More importantly though, Martinez would give the Dodgers some stability at the bottom end of the rotation, as well as mentor some of their young pitchers.

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