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Padres May Move Giles

Unless the Padres make a run for the playoffs, the Padres will likely pull off a midseason fire sale. Ownership would like the Padres payroll to be at the 40 million dollar mark, and a Jake Peavy trade would have made that happen. But Jake Peavy is still with the team and the Padres are trying to find ways to improve, but also cut payroll. There will likely be a market for Brian Giles if he gets off to his normal start, and there will definitely be a market for Jake Peavy at the trade deadline. Giles is hitting .200 so far this Spring, but hit .306 last season and is a career .294 hitter. While he is 38, he is durable and will give you at least 140 starts.

The Mets are team that could take a chance on Giles. There outfield has some question marks, so a veteran upgrade may be needed.

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