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Possible Yankee 3B Replacements

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The Yankees have restocked their farm system over the past couple years, so making a trade for an above average player really wouldn't hurt them in the long run. While there are in-house options, there is no one that has the experience to play everyday. Here are a couple possible replacements:

Mark Teahen, Royals: Teahen is a career .268 hitter who is just starting to come into his form as a major league ball player. He is very versatile and hits left handed, so he would give the Yankees several options off the bench when A-Rod did return. Teahen has never carried much of an average, but he finished the season with a strong September and could be in for a solid season. I expect Teahen to hit around .265 with 15 or so homeruns and an OBP around .325.

Likelihood of being with Yankees: Not very likely. Teahen is a solid player, but he saw a big drop in his OBP and AVG. The drop in walks and increase in homeruns means he was more aggressive at the plate in 2008, but he scored 12 less runs which managers don't really like to see.

Blake DeWitt, Dodgers: DeWitt is coming off his first full season in the big leagues and was very successful. He hit .264 with 9 HR in 117 games last season for the Dodgers, while playing average defense at third and second. He had a .344 OBP and struck out just 68 times. He's off to a slow start this spring, but has a lot of upside.

Likelihood of being with Yankees: Not very likely. DeWitt's best years are ahead of him, but we likely won't see that in 2009, at least not fully. With Rodriguez coming back in May and Robinson Cano already playing second, there really isn't room for DeWitt to get serious at-bats when Rodriguez returns.

Other possibilities: Brendan Harris, Twins. Hank Blalock, Rangers. Chone Figgins, Angels.

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