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Pudge Race Heating Up

Free agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez is starting to draw more interest,'s Jon Heyman is reporting. The Marlins, Giants, Twins, and Astros are all interested in Pudge, who is hitting .545 with 2 HR for Puerto Rico in the WBC. The Giants and Twins both have catchers penciled in, but Joe Mauer is getting a second opinion on his back and Rodriguez could start at first with Bengie Molina staying at catcher.

The Marlins have faith in young catcher John Baker, who is hitting .417 ((8-for-17) so far this Spring. Baker hit .299 with 5 HR last season, and is just 28 years old. The Astros make the most sense for Pudge, but have had to make serious cuts that go back to December, so they might not even have the money to sign Pudge.

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