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A-Rod To Undergo Surgery

Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez has opted to undergo surgery to repair his torn hip labrum. Rodriguez will miss six to nine weeks, returning sometime in May. This puts a lot of pressure on Mark Teixeira to perform early on for the Yankees, as well as his replacement at third base. The Yankees have several in-house options to replace him, but may want to look elsewhere. They could give Juan Miranda an opportunity to play third. Cody Ransom is another in-house option.

If the Yankees went looking for a replacement, they could call the Twins about Brendan Harris. Harris is a valuable utility infielder who can play a decent third base. Not only that, but he could hold a decent average for a month or two. Another option is Marlins' third baseman Jorge Cantu. The Marlins shopped him early, but no move could be made.

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