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Vizcaino On His Way Out?

Cubs reliever Luis Vizcaino is off to slow start, giving up 2 earned runs and walking 3 in 2.2 innings. He has a big contract and is just a year away from free agency, so he may be hard to move. Vizcaino, who went 1-2 with a 5.28 ERA in 43 games last season, has a four million dollar club option with a 500,000 dollar buyout. He is making 3.5 million dollars this season, so the Cubs would likely need to pay for half of his salary, plus the buyout.

If Vizcaino pitches in more than 68 games this season, his club option will ultimately kick in. The Cubs would like to add more depth to the bench, possibly in the form of Bobby Crosby, but it is complicated because both have large contracts.

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