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Will The Nationals Draft Strasbug's Peter Gammons is reporting that top amatuer prospect Stephen Strasburg could command as much as 50 million dollars over five or six years in the upcoming amatuer draft. He has already struck out 74 while walking just 7 in 34.1 innings at San Diego State, and there isn't a scout out there who would say that this kid isn't the real deal. The Nationals have showed some interest, but may shy away from Scott Boras and his ridiculous tactics. The Nationals could always redraft Aaron Crow, who spurned them last year.

The Nationals would be smart to take their chances with Strasburg. They also have the tenth overall pick, thanks to Aaron Crow in last years draft, so they could get two very solid players before most teams make their selection. If the Nationals pass on Strasburg, he probably won't get past the Mariners at the number two pick.

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