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2009 National League Predictions

National League East

1. New York Mets: 86-76

2. Florida Marlins: 84-78

3. Atlanta Braves: 84-78

4. Philadelphia Phillies: 83-79

5. Washington Nationals: 64-98

The Mets finally have a strong bullpen that will keep them in games late like it has failed to do the past two seasons.

National League Central

1. Chicago Cubs: 90-72

2. St. Louis Cardinals: 89-73

3. Milwaukee Brewers: 85-77

4. Cincinnati Reds: 80-82

5. Houston Astros: 76-86

6. Pittsburgh Pirates: 69-93

The Cubs will have a tough season, and could fall apart in September facing the Cardinals, Brewers, Giants, and Diamondbacks in the final two weeks.

National League West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: 86-76

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: 82-80

3. San Francisco Giants: 76-86

4. Colorado Rockies: 74-88

5. San Diego Padres: 65-97

The Dodgers are the top team in the division and should be able to hold out, especially if they make another run at Jake Peavy.

National League MVP: Albert Pujols, Cardinals

National League Cy Young: Johan Santana, Mets

National League Rookie of the Year: Jordan Schafer, Braves

National League Manager of the Year: Tony La Russa, Cardinals

NLDS: Cubs defeat Dodgers; Mets defeat Cardinals

NLCS: Mets defeat Cubs

National League Champion: Mets


World Series: Red Sox vs. Mets

Red Sox defeat Mets

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