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A-Rod Took Steroids As Teen?

The Associated Press is reporting that Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez may have taken steroids in the high school. Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts is scheduled to have a book come up May 12th about Rodriguez and his alleged steroid use. A high school teammate reportedly told Roberts that Rodriguez was on steroids and the coach new about it.

The book also says that an unnamed major leaguer saw Rodriguez and Kevin Brown in 2004 with HGH. Rodriguez has adamately denied using steroids with the Yankees, saying he gave them up in 2003 with the Rangers. There are more allegations in the book and it will be interesting to see what happens to Rodriguez if it is, in fact, true. Major League Baseball may have something to say about this if Rodriguez did use steroids after 2004.

Between 2004-2005, Rodriguez hit .303 with 84 HR in 317 games. Rodriguez was the face of baseball in 2005, playing at the largest venue with success. Could baseball have looked the other way for financial reasons? I doubt they will open a Senate investigation into this now, they certainly have a lot on their plate right now.

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