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Webb Has Shoulder Setback

Diamondbacks ace Brandon Webb faced another setback in his attempts to return from the disabled list with shoulder problems. Webb was playing catch when he felt the discomfort, and the Diamondbacks were forced to cancel his bullpen session and shut him down indefinitely. The Diamondbacks were hoping Webb would be ready to go on a rehab assignment sometime next week, but are now forced to wait until the pain subsides.

The Diamondbacks do not have much in their minor league system, and do not have much money to spend, so they could fall out of contention if Webb is out for an extended amount of time. Pedro Martinez is available. Mark Mulder is available. Paul Byrd, Shawn Chacon, and Tony Armas Jr. are available. The Diamondbacks need to decided if one of those pitchers is worth the investment during these unstable times financially.

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