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Francouer On The Block?

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal Constitution thinks it may be time to unload Braves outfielder Jeff Francouer. Francouer is hitting .259 with 3 home runs, but has struck out 24 times and owns a .282 on-base percentage. Francouer has no plate discipline, and some talent evaluators believe he is the easiest guy to pitch to because he swings at everything. Francouer was once considered the Braves top prospect, so it is hard to believe that at age 25 he is a complete bust.

Francouer hit .293 with a .338 on-base percentage in 2007, but has hit .249 since then. The Braves probably won't get much in return for Francouer, but the Braves need a big bat in their lineup, and Francouer is not it. The Rangers are a possible landing spot, but a team like the Pirates could take a low risk chance on Francoeur and put him in right field.

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