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Miss DeRosa Much? Cubs Pursuing Freel

The Cubs have reportedly approached the Orioles about utility player Ryan Freel. Freel can play all three outfield positions, second, and third base. The Cubs decided to demote Joey Gathright, likely signaling the end of his time in Chicago. My main problem with this trade is this would not have been a problem if the Cubs kept Mark DeRosa, who instead was traded to the Indians for three minor league prospects.

While DeRosa was a fan favorite, and proved to be a very versatile player, the players the Cubs received in return have some in the front office very excited.

"All three have a chance," Cubs director of player personnel Oneri Fleita said. "Chris Archer has big time stuff, and finding someone who can [potentially] give you 200-plus innings is hard to find. We think he has the ability to do it."

The two other players the Cubs received were John Gaub and Jeff Stevens. Both pitchers are options for call ups if injuries hamper the bullpen, but probably won't be needed until next season.

Freel, who is hitting .133 in 9 games, isn't likely to command more than a minor leaguer. He is making 3.3 millon dollars, some of which will probably need to be taken on by the Orioles in a trade.

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