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Molina Hopes To Discuss His Future

Giants catcher Bengie Molina, who is entering the final year of his contract, would like to discuss his future in the next few months. Molina, who is hitting .295 with 5 HR this season, is making six million dollars this year. He will be 35 in July, and is hoping to be around for the next two or three years. "I consider myself for the next two or three years a No. 1 guy," Molina said Wednesday. "If they're not counting on me for that, I wish and hope they could come and tell me that. I want to finish my career here, I wish they'd come and tell me that because I've earned that respect."

In his first two seasons with the Giants (279 games), Molina hit .284 with 35 homeruns. A one year deal with an option for a second is probably the safest for the Giants. The Giants are high on catching prospect Buster Posey, but he likely won't be ready until next season or early 2011. Another reason to keep him is because of how familiar he is with their young pitching staff. He has been apart of their development and probably knows them better than anyone. Keeping him around for another year or two should have positive effects on both ends.

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