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Oliver Perez to Minors?

Mets pitcher Oliver Perez has struggled mightily in his first five starts, sporting a 1-2 record with a 9.97 ERA. He has no command of his pitches, and has lost all confidence in getting hitters out. "If I need it, then I have to go [to the minors], because right now I don't help my team," said Perez, who was similarly demoted by the Pirates after a woeful start three years ago. "Right now, I don't feel I'm doing my job." Perez, who is coming off a three year, 36 million dollar extension, will be replaced by Ken Takahashi in the rotation.

The Mets' pitching is really thin and I wonder if they will go after a pitcher on the market. Mark Mulder, Pedro Martinez, and Paul Byrd are available, and they could explore the trade market as well. Dbacks pitcher Doug Davis brought up his trade value last week, and the Mets could pursue him if necessary. 

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