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Pursuit For Peavy Heating Up

Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Tribune is reporting that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti could use the 7.7 million dollars that won't be going to Manny Ramirez during his suspension and use it for acquiring Padres pitcher Jake Peavy. Adding Peavy with that money wouldn't cost them anything for 2009, but they would be adding to their payroll for the years beyond. Not only that, but it would cost the Dodgers several of their top prospects. He would probably cost the Dodgers one of their top young players, making this move unlikely, at least while the Dodgers are in first place.

The Cubs remain interested in Peavy, a source says. However, their new owner, Tom Ricketts, is struggling to raise funds and is looking to sell of parts of the team. The Cubs have the players to make a trade, but there is not enough room on the payroll for him right now.

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