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Trade Winds

Red Sox scouting Braves' Francoeur: Braves GM Frank Wren chose not to comment on a report that the Red Sox were scouting outfielder Jeff Francoeur. Francoeur is hitting .253 with 3 home runs this season, and a lot of local media outlets have been speculating that he could be traded.

Dodgers eyeing Peavy?: The Dodgers are in the market for pitching, despite a pretty strong showing from their pitchers right now. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said that he has been in contact with the Padres, but hasn't spoken to them since Peavy vetoed the trade to the White Sox. One source I spoke to said he fully expects the Dodgers to get in on the Peavy chase in July.

Davis or Washburn to Minnesota: The Diamondbacks will likely shop lefty pitcher Doug Davis as we approach the trade deadline. Davis is 2-6, but has a 3.77 ERA and had four consecutive double-digit seasons before his season was cut short in 2008. Washburn is another option, probably the more likely option because he is already in the AL and is open to a trade to the Twins.  

Nick Johnson to Mets?: Johnson told reporters he would welcome a trade to the Mets, but who wouldn't if you were playing for the crowded Nationals. The Nats have been shopping Johnson for a couple seasons, and now that he is hitting .337 with 4 home runs, it is a good time to trade him. The Red Sox have been linked to them, but nothing appears serious. 

Pirates' Sanchez to Rays?: The Pirates will likely shop Freddy Sanchez at the trade deadline, and the Rays could be a possible fit. Sanchez is a solid fielder and hitter, and could be a long term option for the Rays. With Aki Iwamura out for the season and a club option for 2010, it would make sense that they would pursue him. 

Sanchez to Marlins or Phillies?: Lefty pitcher Jonathan Sanchez could be moved at the right deal, and if they start shopping him now, they could get a good value for him. They need a second baseman. They need a corner outfielder. The Marlins and Phillies have both. Dan Uggla is available.

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