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White Sox Trade Up To Peavy

The White Sox have agreed in principle to a trade that would send former Cy Young award winner Jake Peavy to the White Sox for pitching prospect Aaron Poreda and pitcher Clayton Richard, among others. Peavy, who has a full no trade clause, must decide if he wants to play in Chicago.

Peavy could choose to accept the trade just to get out of San Diego. While he is the longest tenured player there, reporters constantly question his desire to play for the Padres. He would be joining the White Sox, where his close friend Scott Linebrink currently sets up for closer Bobby Jenks. However, he would be jumping leagues and be joining a team where he might not have as a huge of an impact. Not only that, but some people wonder if he would want to play for manager Ozzie Guillen.


Here is what his agent, Barry Axelrod, said: "If I had to make a bet on it, I would guess that Jake would say he's not ready to take that step today. But he wouldn't necessarily preclude it at any time in the future.''

Peavy is obviously more comfortable in the NL. The White Sox are going to really have to sell the White Sox and American League to Jake Peavy. Guaranteeing his 22-million dollar option for 2013 would be a start. I think the White Sox should consider adding incenitve based bonuses each year into his contract. Throwing more money at this might not be the best move, but giving Peavy some motivation while making him the face of this rotation might work in the White Sox favor.

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