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Will the Mariners Be Sellers?'s Ken Rosenthal has an interesting piece out on why the Mariners and Athletics aren't set on being sellers just yet. The Mariners have good group of veterans they could deal, but currently lead the AL West by 1 1/2 games and the Angels pitching, particularly the bullpen, has been subpar. But if the Mariners were to fall out of contention, here are the players who would likely be available:

Adrian Beltre, 3B: Beltre is in the final year of five year deal making 12 million dollars this season. Beltre is hitting just .208 with 0 HR this season, but is a career .285 hitter after the trade deadline. The power should come, and if it does, he could be on the block.

Erik Bedard, SP: Bedard is making 7.75 million dollars this season and is off to a good start in five games, going 2-1 with 2.61 ERA and 32 strikeouts. Teams will definitely be interested in the left hander if he is made available. He's never pitched more than 200 innings, but if he could give you 140-150, he could still make for an above average two or three starter.

Jarrod Washburn, SP: Washburn is also in the last year of his contract, making 10.35 million dollars. Washburn is 2-1 in five games with a 2.97 ERA. The Mariners have tried to unload Washburn in years past, but could never come to a deal. You know the Twins will likely be in on him again, and it will be interesting to see if other teams jump in. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Nationals dangle an outfielder at them. Maybe Lastings Milledge in a package of players.

Russel Branyan, 1B: Branyan has always had power, but he has never carried an average like he has in 2009. Branyan is hitting .320 with 7 HR in 20 games. A team looking for a power boost could look at Branyan at a low cost upgrade. The Mariners could capitalize on Branyan's strong start.

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