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Zambrano Lands On DL, Miss 2-3 Weeks

Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano has been placed on the disabled list with a strained hamstring. Zambrano injured his hamstring beating out a bunt in the series finale against the Marlins. Zambrano is currently 3-1 with a 4.50 ERA and is hitting .278 with 1 HR and 2 RBI. "He doesn't want to go on the DL which is the part of him we like, but at the same time the doctors feel probably he needs two, two-and-a-half weeks to be 100 percent and there is no reason to push it and it would be foolish on our part to push it and have it get worse," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said.

The Cubs will call up Bobby Scales until Friday, when they will call up pitcher Randy Wells to make his debut against Milwaukee. It is a nice move by the Cubs to call up Scale, who will make his major league debut after 11 minor league seasons. Scales is hitting .303 in 21 games at Triple-A Iowa. Wells, who is 3-0 with 2.77 ERA in five games, was taken and returned in the Rule 5 draft last season by the Blue Jays. He pitched well in 5.1 innings for the Blue Jays, but was cut when the Blue Jays decided to revamp their bullpen.

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