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Angels Could Move Aybar

Angels shortstop Erik Aybar is hit .303 in the month of May, bringing his season total to a .277 average with 1 home run. Aybar, 25, is blocking top prospect Brandon Wood, who is hitting .308 with 11 home runs in 39 games for the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees. If the Angels were to trade Aybar, it would open up a spot for the long awaited.

Ken Rosenthal mentions in his Full Count that the Mets, Cardinals, or Royals could be possible destinations, but I wouldn't rule out the Padres either. The Padres are looking to trade Jake Peavy, but do want to trade him to the Dodgers. They nearly worked out a trade with the Cubs, but it is becoming more clear that the Cubs can't make a move until the ownership is settle, which at the current pace, probably won't be complete until Opening Day 2010.

If the Angels were to package Aybar in a deal with three other prospects, they could probably land starting pitcher Jake Peavy. Trevor Reckling and Trevor Bell are two solid young pitchers that the Padres could target.

John Lackey is going to be a free agent at the end of the season, and will likely command a good deal despite the down economy. However, if the Angels add Peavy, it gives them a lot of leverage in negotiations with Lackey. If Lackey decides to sign elsewhere, the Angels would likely receive a compensation draft pick.

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