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Astros to target free agent pitcher?

The Astros have some work to do this offseason, which starts with fortifying the pitching staff. The Astros made a statement firing Cecil Cooper, which should mean the Astros are looking to make some significant moves. 

Jim Fregosi and Manny Acta are making headlines in the Astros managerial race, but several former managers are up for the spot as well. MLB asks teams to hold off on announcements during the World Series, so a move could be made in the next two weeks or not until next month. 

For pitchers, the Astros need a proven veteran to slot between Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez. The Houston Chronicle names John Lackey as a possibility, who could sign a five year deal upwards of 75 million dollars. 

With Jose Valverde and LaTroy Hawkins up for new contracts, the Astros are going to have spend even more to keep their staff intact. 

The Astros could target free agent starter Justin Duchscherer, or even give Brad Penny a shot to crack the back end of the rotation. Both would be relatively inexpensive who could have a positive impact on the Astros' rotation. 

Who do you think the Astros should target for the starting rotation?