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Giants Give Extensions to Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean

According to an AP report courtesy of Giants manager Bruce Bochy and general manager Brian Sabean both received 2 year extensions through the 2011 season plus a club option for 2012. 

The Giants have not made the playoffs since 2003 but they did go 88-74 this year and narrowly missed a wildcard spot. Bochy and Sabean expect to build on their success this year and bring the Giants back to their winning ways of the past. Sabean is the longest tenured GM in baseball (he's been the Giants GM for 13 years) and Bochy has been the Giants' manager for the past 3 seasons. Both are readying themselves for a busy offseason where the Giants may try to add a big bat.

Giants managing general partner Bill Neukom had this to say:

"The job of the 2009 Giants was to return to winning baseball. The Giants had a winning season and then some. We are not complacent about that. We have more work to do because we want to get the San Francisco Giants to be a franchise that's a contender year in and year out.

If anyone deserves credit for this year's turnaround it's these two people, Brian and Bruce. The encouraging thing is we think we're back to playing baseball the way it ought to be played."