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Joe Torre Doesn't Expect to Return to the Dodgers After 2010

Dodgers manager Joe Torre doesn't expect to return to the Dodgers after the 2010 season when his current contract runs out, according to an AP report on

"I have one year on my contract and I don't anticipate it being more than that. [But] I've said that before and my wife doesn't believe me at all.

I never get tired of this stuff, that's one thing I found out. You think once you win it you say, 'Ok, I got it, I don't need to do this anymore,' but you do. You need to do it."

Torre has a 179-145 record managing the Dodgers and has led them to division titles in both seasons as the manager. The 69 year-old is in the second year of his three year deal that came after managing the Yankees for 12 seasons. Torre has the most postseason wins (83) of any manager in MLB history and is tied with Bobby Cox for the most postseason appearances (14).

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said yesterday that he will sit down with Torre and talk about his future after the season ends.