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More Interest in Acta


 The Associated Press is reporting that the Houston Astros is interested in hiring Manny Acta to be their new manager. Acta goes way back with the Astros.  They drafted him at age 17 and he was in their farm system for five years. He also managed in their minors for seven years from 1993-2000

Acta seems thrilled at the prospect of rejoining the team that first offered him so much opportunity,

"the opportunity to manage the Astros would be "too good to be true." He feels that he already owes the franchise for launching his career — and introducing him to his wife, whom he met while playing in the minors.

"It will give everybody who shows up to watch a ballgame a hope to manage this club," he said. "I grew up being an Astros fan and then I ended up being signed by them and working for them for 16 years in the minor leagues. I guess everybody who is a fan of the Astros would have a shot if I'm getting one."

  In addition to Acta, fired  Arizona manager Bob Melvin was also interviewed for the job, along with eight other candidates that the team plans to interview.