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LaRussa Looking Beyond the Cardinals?

The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers is speculating this morning that Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa may be inclined to sit out next season or sign a one-year only extension. The reason being, as Rogers sees it, is that Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Lou Pinella have all announced their plans to retire after the 2010 season, opening up big-market managerial positions for LaRussa to move on to.

LaRussa has managed the Cards for 14 years and taken them to the postseason eight of those years. When he managed the Oakland A's for 10 years, he got them to the postseason four times. LaRussa has managed for 32 years, the first eight being with the White Sox. He has top-tier credentials and would definitely be at or near the top of every list for the jobs he might covet. How he plays it this winter will be very telling.