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Will Dodgers Be Affected by Divorcing Owner(s)?

The LA Times is reporting that the separation of Jamie and Frank McCourt could have a detrimental affect on how well the team will be run going into this offseason.  Attorneys for both the McCourts are challenging who legally owns the team. California is a community-property state, so you would think the issue is cut-and-dried but both sides are claiming otherwise.

Dennis Wasser, who represents Jamie McCourt, on Thursday rebutted claims that Frank McCourt is the club's sole owner.

"We disagree," Wasser said. "We are confident that, if the ownership issue must be adjudicated, the Dodgers will be determined to be community property, owned 50% by each of the McCourts."

But Marshall Grossman, who represents Frank McCourt, said he has documents to back up his assertion that his client is the sole owner.

"Anyone reading them will readily see that Mr. McCourt's ownership is 100%," said Grossman, who declined to release the documents.

A prolonged court fight over this issue could make it difficult for the Dodgers to conduct business as usual.