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Is there a market for Adrian Beltre?

Impending free agent Adrian Beltre should garner interest on the open market, but will have to take a serious pay cut to keep suitors interested.

After the 2004 season, a year in which Beltre hit a career best .334 with 48 home runs, also a career high, he signed a five year deal worth 48 million dollars. Beltre never came close to matching his numbers from 2004 while with the Mariners, posting a .266 average over the five year contract.

Beltre, 30, is pretty inconsistent at the plate and not a very reliable fielder, which could limit his options this offseason. The Seattle Post-Globe suggests the Angels or Dodgers, but don't expect the Dodgers to spend with Casey Blake locked in at third through 2011. 

The White Sox are expected to pursue Chone Figgins this offseason, but could turn to Adrian Beltre if Figgins price goes up. Beltre could likely land a two or three year deal, worth around 6-8 million dollars annually. 

Where do you see Beltre going this offseason?