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Milton Bradley Update

The Cubs ownership sale is finally complete. Now it is time to go to work.

The Cubs have been trying very hard to move disgruntled outfielder Milton Bradley for the past month, but haven't found any serious takers. There are several teams, however, with big contracts that they are trying to move, so it is safe to say that there is a match out there.'s Buster Olney lists several possible names including Gary Matthews of the Angels, Barry Zito of the Giants, and even Dontrelle Willis of the Tigers

The Vernon Wells-for-Milton Bradley rumor was quickly shot down, which makes sense considering there is an 86 million dollar difference in their contracts. 

The Cubs could also explore a deal for Jeremy Hermida of the Marlins. Hermida is arbitration eligible, but the Marlins could be interested in Bradley because the Marlins do not draw the same media attention like in Chicago. 

It is safe to say Bradley won't be in Chicago in 2010. Where do you see him going this offseason?