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Today is the Only Day for Tigers and Twins

FINAL UPDATE: There will be a playoff game between the Tigers and Twins on Tuesday at the Metrodome after both teams won their respective games this afternoon.  The Tigers beat the White Sox 5-3 and the Twins killed the Royals 13-4.

UPDATE: The Tigers won their game against the White Sox and the Twins have a four-run lead after six innings against the Royals.  Check back to see if they'll be a playoff game Tuesday or if the Tigers will clinch the division today.

 To me,  one of the most exciting things in baseball is the sudden-death nature of some games.  The Tigers and Twins have each played their 161 games and now today's game, the Tigers vs. the White Sox and the Twins vs. the Royals will decide who makes the playoffs-or not.  If both teams win or both lose, they will have a playoff game on Tuesday to decide who advances.The game can't be played on Monday because there is already a scheduled Minnesota Vkinigs game. It's hard not to watch a game like that without your heart racing, regardless of which team you root for. The Twins surely have momentum on their side, having won 15 of their last 19 games.