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Braves to pursue Billy Wagner

The Macon Telegraph suggests that the Braves may pursue closer Billy Wagner this offseason. Both of the Braves’ late inning relievers, Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano, are set to be free agents.

The Braves have a lot on their plate this offseason which starts with finding a way to free up some money, preferably by trading a starting pitcher. It’s been reported that the Braves would like to re-sign one of the two relievers, so adding a veteran like Wagner may be for the veteran presence in the ‘pen. Wagner pitched well in seventeen games this season, posting 1.72 ERA with 26 strike outs.

The Astros may pursue Wagner, who was a first round pick by the Astros in 1993 and stayed with the team through 2003. Wagner, 38, has 385 career saves and is a six-time All-Star.

Can he still be a teams primary closer?