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AL Gold Glove Awards Announced

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The American League winners who graced us with their highlight-reel plays all season long were unveiled Tuesday, but mostly featured a cast of familiar faces:

C Joe Mauer, Twins - second straight year

1B Mark Teixeira, Yankees - third Gold Glove, first since 2006

2B Placido Polanco, Tigers - second Gold Glove, 2007 and 2009

3B Evan Longoria, Rays - first Gold Glove

SS Derek Jeter, Yankees - who said he can't field? Fourth Gold Glove, first since 2006. 

OF - Torii Hunter, Angels - ninth straight Gold Glove

OF - Adam Jones, Orioles - first Gold Glove

OF - Ichiro, Mariners - ninth straight Gold Glove

P - Mark Buehrle, White Sox - first Gold Glove

What do you guys think? Did they miss any players that should be awarded for strong defensive play in 2009?