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2009 NL Gold Glove Awards Announced

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MLB announced the 2009 recipients of the Gold Glove Award, which features a young group of players with not too many gold gloves under their belt:

C Yadier Molina, Cardinals - second Gold Glove

1B Adrian Gonzalez, Padres - second Gold Glove

2B Orlando Hudson, Dodgers - fourth Gold Glove 

3B Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals - first Gold Glove

SS Jimmy Rollins, Phillies - third Gold Glove

OF - Matt Kemp, Dodgers - first Gold Glove 

OF - Shane Victorino, Phillies - second Gold Glove

OF - Michael Bourn, Astros - first Gold Glove

P - Adam Wainwright, Cardinals - first Gold Glove

Seems like a pretty good group of players to receive this award. How do you think they match up with the AL Gold Glove winners?