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Giants interested in Johnny Damon?

New, comments's Jon Heyman is reporting that the Giants have some interest in Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon. Damon, who is holding out for a multi-year contract, has stated he would like to stay in New York. However, the Yankees do not seem interested in going beyond a two year deal, and have already explored other option in left field. 

The Giants do have interest in bringing in a power hitter like Jason Bay or Matt Holliday, but will let the market play out before making a big offer, like they did with Barry Zito or Aaron Rowand. There interest in Damon could be as Plan B, similar to perhaps Marlon Byrd or even Mark DeRosa.

Damon hit .282 with 24 home runs and a .365 on-base percentage, he regressed mightily in left field, posting a -12.1 UZR.

Do you see Johnny Damon back in New York next season?