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Pirates to pursue mid-tier free agents?

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The Hot Stove Blog is reporting that the Pirates will look into signing some of the available mid-level free agents this offseason. The Pirates addressed their hole at second baseman, and are expected to be players in the relief and corner outfield markets. 

"We're not just going to go sign free agents because we have the money or because we want to make our fans or ourselves feel better," Huntington said. "We're going to sign the guys that we feel can help us and that we believe won't fall into that trap [of being washed up], but also for the right dollars and the right length and right fit.

With that said, let's take a look at some corner outfielders who could fit into the Pirates' price range:

Rick Ankiel, Cardinals: Next season will be Ankiel's third full season as an outfielder, but the veteran is a good clubhouse presence and should come at reduced price after hitting .231 last season.

Jermaine Dye, White Sox: It is dependent on the market, but if Dye's price falls to 8-10 million dollars, the Pirates could make a splash, at least in Pittsburgh.

Brian Giles, Padres: After hitting just .191 in 61 games this season, Giles could be had a reduced price. The career .291 hitter with a .400 on-base percentage spent five seasons in Pittsburgh between 1999-2003.

And some relievers:

Kevin Gregg, Cubs: Gregg struggled mightily in Chicago but that should take nothing away his numbers in 2007-2008, when he posted back-to-back sub-4.00 ERA.  

Chad Cordero, Mariners: Cordero hasn't pitched since 2008, but his first two seasons in the big leagues were filled with promise. He certainly can be had at a reduced price.

Scott Eyre, Phillies: Eyre is a good clubhouse guy who can be pretty effective versus lefties. In 42 games in 2009, Eyre held lefties to a .210 average with a 1.13 WHIP.  

It is a little early to start predicting where players will fall on the open market, but the Pirates would be smart to start keeping tabs on some of these guys.