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Top 50 Free Agent Predictions: 21-30

21. Johhny Damon, Yankees

- Damon has voiced his desire all season long to remain in New York. He may be asking for a multi-year deal, but expect the Bombers and Damon to work out a deal.

Prediction: Yankees

22. Jon Garland, Dodgers

- Garland pitched well after being acquired by the Dodgers, which should help him land a job this offseason. Teams in need of a middle of the rotation starter could benefit from Garland's ability to eat innings. The Rockies, who likely will seek a replacement for Marquis, were interested in Garland at the trade deadline.

Prediction: Rockies

23. Bengie Molina, Giants

- Molina did tremendous work in San Francisco, but his contract demands are out of the price range for the Giants. He may have a tough time finding a job being a Type-A free agent, especially if he is looking for a multiyear deal. 

Prediction: Royals

24. Hideki Matsui, Yankees

- Matsui has also expressed a strong desire to remain in New York, and will likely be granted that wish if he is willing to take a pay cut.

Prediction: Yankees

25. Joel Pineiro, Cardinals

- Pineiro played very well for the Cardinals this season and will likely stick around to keep the bottom of their rotation strong.

Prediction: Cardinals

26. Jermaine Dye, White Sox

- Dye is a solid veteran who can still put up pretty good numbers, especially if he can find a DH role. The Orioles are in need of a veteran DH, and might be able to land Dye at a reduced price. 

Prediction: Orioles

27. Billy Wagner, Red Sox

- Being a Type-A free agent definitely limits his options, but a team not a risk of losing of first round pick could easily target the veteran. The Orioles, geographically, make sense. But if Jose Valverde leaves the Astros, his return could create some buzz in Houston.

Prediction: Astros

28. Scott Podsednik, White Sox

- Podsednik put up solid numbers for the White Sox this past season, but is not expected to be retained. The Royals and Cubs could be options, but the Padres could sign him at a reduced price and let him compete with Tony Gwynn for the job in center.

Prediction: Padres

29. Doug Davis, Diamondbacks

- The Brewers have had interest in Davis for the entire 2009 season, and now that he is a free agent they should have little trouble luring him back to Milwaukee.

Prediction: Brewers

30. Mike Cameron, Brewers

- Cameron is likely looking at a one year deal this offseason, and could find himself in Chicago replacing Milton Bradley in the Cubs' outfield.

Prediction: Cubs