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Yankees not interested in Matt Holliday

Buster Olney via Twitter is reporting that the Yankees are not interested in signing Matt Holliday. While the Yankees always seem to be in the mix when it comes to big name free agents, the spending spree last offseason has definitely put a cap on spending this time around.

Olney says the Yankees will stay in touch with Boras to keep bidders honest, but that they have other more pressing issues.

It is starting to look like Boras will let the Holliday race play out past the Winter Meetings, ideally after Jason Bay signs. Where Jason Bay signs definitely will change the market for Holliday. There is some speculation that Bay may jump to the West Coast to sign with the Giants or Mariners, clearing the way for the Red Sox to make a move for Holliday. 

I wonder if Bay re-signing with the Red Sox will bring down Holliday's asking price. While the Angels may need a corner outfielder, their offseason plans hinge on whether or not John Lackey and Chone Figgins return, and at what cost.

The Mariners and Giants have shown early interest, but the Giants certainly have a cap and the Mariners may not be willing to spend big, especially with contract extension talk brewing around Felix Hernandez.

These circumstances could clear the way for the Mets to make a move, even though Citi Field is where right-handed power hitters go to die.