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Three-team trade in the works?

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Chicago Tribune sports writer Mark Gonzales comments on a report that suggests the White Sox, Angels, and Padres are discussing a three-way deal that would send Adrian Gonzalez to Chicago, Paul Konerko to Anaheim, and prospects to San Diego.

Sox general manager Ken Williams has made no secret of his quest for a left-handed hitter, and a team source acknowledged last month that the club has had interest in Gonzalez in previous years.

However, discussions are in the early stages and there is no indication that any names have been thrown around. 

The White Sox would have to surrender their top prospects to land Gonzalez, which likely means that Tyler Flowers and/or Jordan Danks would be on the move. The Angels would also have to surrender a prospect or two, but with Kendry Morales at first, adding Konerko and his 12 million dollar salary does not seem to be worth while.

If the first move new Padres GM Jed Hoyer is going to make is around Adrian Gonzalez, than you can expect for him to have a high asking price. Approaching the Red Sox, where he is very familiar with their organization, is a strong possibility. 

Expect these trade talks to stretch well into the offseason.