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Yankees priority is Johnny Damon, not Hideki Matsui

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Newsday is reporting that the Yankees first priority is to work out a deal with Johnny Damon, before deciding on what to do with Hideki Matsui.

A very smart move considering Damon is certain to command more interest on the open market than Matsui, whose only other option may be the Mariners, who probabbly view Matsui as an "if all else fails" option. 

The Yankees are hoping to sign Damon to a two year deal, but Damon is likely to seek at least an option for a third year. Damon, 36, hit .282 this season with 24 home runs, arguably his best numbers since signing in New York. 

Damon could draw interest from the Giants or Cardinals, but no team is going to guarantee a 36-year old more than two years, especially in light of the current economic situation.

If the Yankees re-sign Johnny Damon, does that mean that Hideki Matsui will be done in New York?