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Sunday Quick Hits


  • Bill Madden of the NY Daily News says the Mets will have about 20 million dollars to spend this offseason. Madden says the Mets are out of races for Matt Holliday or John Lackey, and will likely focus on pitchers Jason Marquis (who appears in the bag) or Joel Piniero. I fully expect the Mets to monitor the Holliday sweepstakes, in large part out of their desire for a power bat.
  • is reporting that the Marlins and pitcher Josh Johnson broke contract negotiations after sides failed to agree to a fourth year. Johnson's agent, Matt Sosnick, went as far as to say they were looking for a Zack Grienke like offer and suggested the team could trade Johnson to get some value back. 
  • Will a recent report saying Roy Halladay won't re-sign with Toronto next season mean he will be traded before Opening Day 2010? The Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs, among others, have been linked to the starting pitcher. 
  • If talks heat up for Halladay, is it possible the Diamondbacks will put Brandon Webb on the market? One source seems to think so. However, since Webb didn't play last season, he would need to establish his value a little bit at the start of 2010.
  • The Tigers are trying to work a bigger deal with the Mariners in hopes of including Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson in a package deal. The Cubs appear interested as well, but not if it means surrendering Starlin Castro or Josh Vitters.