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2010 MLB Free Agent Predictions: 31-40

31. Brad Penny, Giants

- Keeping Penny gives the Giants the option to dangle some of their younger pitchers for offensive help.

Prediction: Giants

32. Fernando Rodney, Tigers

- Despite the Tigers' financial woes, Rodney was great in the closer role and will likely return to the same spot.

Prediction: Tigers

33. Rafael Soriano, Braves

- Soriano is one of the most sought after free agent relievers on the market, and after putting up career best numbers, his services will be in demand. The Angels are in need of a late inning reliever, and Soriano is just the type of player they have pursued in the past.

Prediction: Angels

34. Erik Bedard, Mariners

- Bedard hasn't ruled out any teams this offseason, so we should expect to see lots of teams in on him. The Blue Jays, in dire need of a big signing, could pursue the Canadian native on a one year deal in hopes of giving Roy Halladay some legitimate arms behind him.

Prediction: Blue Jays

35. Ben Sheets, Free Agent

- Sheets is expected to be 100 percent for Spring Training, and will likely come at a bargain with the way the market is shaping up. Expect to see the Mariners make a move on him if they miss out on their primary targets.

Prediction: Mariners

36. Jarrod Washburn, Tigers

- Washburn was a flop in Detroit, but that doesn't mean he is not drawing interest on the open market. The Twins are reportedly one of those teams.

Prediction: Twins

37. Jason Marquis, Rockies

- The Mets need pitching and Jason Marquis has already said he wants to pitch in New York. Seems like a match.

Prediction: Mets

38. Justin Duchscherer, Athletics 

- Recovering from surgery and clinical depression is impressive enough, and the A's would be smart to keep this positive story around. Not just because of what he did in 2009, but remember, he posted a 2.54 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP in 22 starts in 2008. 

Prediction: Athletics

39. Ivan Rodriguez, Rangers

- If Rodriguez becomes available on the cheap, the Mets could bring in Rodriguez to platoon with some of their younger catchers. A lot depends on how the market plays out.

Prediction: Mets