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Nick Johnson drawing interest on open market?

New, comment is reporting that the Mariners have interest in free agent first baseman Nick Johnson. The Mariners are still negotiating with Russell Branyan, who recently rejected their one-year offer.

Johnson is also drawing interest from the Giants, Mets, and Yankees, who see Johnson as a fallback at the DH spot if they miss out on Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. Sources say the Braves have some interest, but only if they are unable to sign Adam LaRoche.

Johnson put together a strong season, and he could really look like a bargain if he finds some of the power that was missing in 2009. 

The Mariners are looking at Johnson, among others, if Branyan does in fact sign elsewhere. Casey Kotchman is someone they are keeping their eye on, but he would only become available if the Red Sox do not offer him a contract.