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Tim Lincecum not seeking long-term deal?

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum's agent, Rick Thurman, told reporters that he will pursue a one-year contract for his client. Lincecum is coming off his second Cy Young award in as many seasons, and is certainly poised to break Ryan Howard's record setting contract he received in his first year of arbitration in 2008. 

The Giants could approach Lincecum with a two or three year deal worth slightly less than what he could receive in his arbitration case, which would save the Giants some much needed cash they would like to use on Matt Cain and other available free agents. 

SF Chronicle points out that because of a "special accomplish" provision, Lincecum can be compared to pitchers like Barry Zito or CC Sabathia, who makes 23 million dollars annually. However, one team-friendly rule should help the Giants keep the price down some.

Article VI Rule F (12) in the basic agreement states the arbitration panel must consider comparisons with others who have similar service time.

So Lincecum will be compared to Cole Hamels, who signed a three year deal worth about 7 million dollars annually. If the Giants and Lincecum fail to work a short-term extension, a one-year deal worth 15-17 million dollars is very possible.